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Thread: First for the new rifle

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    First for the new rifle

    Well gents,

    It all came together nicely yesterday

    I recently bought a new T3 Lite .270 with Jet Z moderator and set about putting some rounds through it and zeroing last week.

    Really impressed with the Jet Z by the way, I put about 5 round through the rifle without the mod and continued to zeroed with mod on, what a difference!! Lovely size, very effective and not unduly heavy for a day on the hill.

    So off we went yesterday for a nice fat summer stag.
    After spending the morning on the hill being blighted by midgies and the hinds and calfs making it difficult to get into some shootable beasts, we decided on a change of tactics heading down to stalked the woodland rides and burnsides where we found this wee 9 pointer out grazing in the sunshine. Took him abut 150 yards and he dropped on the spot.

    First beast with the .270 and very pleased with the result.



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    great envious! hope to get out with one of the members off here in a month or two... it will be my very first!


    Browning A-Bolt Medalion .243 Doctor Optics 8x56 T4 Mod
    CZ Varmint .17HMR + 6.5-20x56 + Wildcat Mod
    CZ American .22lr + 3-9x56 + Mod
    Baikal 12g single ejector

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    Cheers TokaS

    Good luck on your first, you'll never forget it, mind and get a pic and let us know how u get on.

    Incidentally, this beast was shot very near where I shot my first ever red stag. Remember it like yesterday.


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    Well done, magic when it all comes together.

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    I'd say you could hang a ring on the wee point on the right antler and that would make it a ten pointer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by david1976 View Post
    I'd say you could hang a ring on the wee point on the right antler and that would make it a ten pointer!

    I like your style David, if I thought I could get away with it I would have tried

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    Nice stag, dog and beard
    ATB Toby

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