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    Speer Grand Slams

    Are these bullets known to produce higher pressures than normal when used in home-loads? I only ask because in the latest Vhit data for .243 Win the maximum charge of N160 for the 100grn Grand Slam bullet is less than 40grns. the 105grn bullet, which is next on the table shows a max load of 41.7, yet you'd normally expect the heavier bullet to have a lower max load.
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    Sometimes, bearing surface of the bullet will affect loads, as will density. There is an interesting example of this in Lee's book where they loaded... I forget the powder... to a compressed load in a given case, with a given bullet. A compressed charge gave less pressure than one loaded to just 100% density in a given set of data. The powder company later reduced the load to reflect that effect. I'm not saying that is the case here but they can only go with what they results in the lab are.

    Considering the relative slowness of the powder, it may just be a case of available volume. Too bad Viht doesn't list their pressures in their loading guide.~Muir

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    +1 on what Muir said. I would have thought that it was a different bearing surface and the length of the said bullet. I think that the GS is just a regular cup and core bullet without a partition or monometal issues.
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    Hmmm not sure as originally the Grand Slam surely had a different core. The big ones like .375 and .458 had tungsten penetrators in the GS solids cannot recall now how the "expanding" ones were constructed but different construction can and often will effect pressures.

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