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Thread: A few photos from this morning

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    A few photos from this morning

    Hi All
    I was out this morning looking for a Roebuck, it was a very cold start to the day for the time of year and not a lot of rutting activity going on. I managed to call a couple of young bucks which I left alone and even called a nice Mutjac buck which was in velvet so I let him walk past as well.
    Seen a coupe of mature bucks but they were still on there own and ignoring the call.
    I forgot the camera for the first buck I called but took a few photos of one which I called about 400 yards he spent about half an hour walking around under my high seat looking for the source of the call, the muntjac buck came across open ground to within 30 yards of the seat before heading back, I never pulled the trigger but a great morning to be out.
    Seen quite a few does and fawns and about a dozen fallow.



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    very nice pics, that munty looks good
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    Nice meadow. Nice deer. Nice pics. Nice

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    Good pics Wayne - very nice.

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    very nice pics wayne regards pete .

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    Lovely photos.


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    Nice pictures wayne i take it you have mastered that new camera of yours then

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    Great pics Wayne,sounds like you had a great morning well done mate
    atb andy

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    Damn fine pics, well done

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