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Thread: Deepest Sympathy

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    Deepest Sympathy

    My heart goes out to the people of Oslo and Norway for this terrible tragedy that has been bestoed on them.

    Deepest Sympathy and regret for your loss.

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    yes same hear my thoughts go out to all people affected by this R I P

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    In Norway just now and people just cannot believe that this could happen here. Terrible loss of innocent life.

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    Terrible, condolances and thoughts with them.

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    I visited Norway for the first time earlier this year, it impressed me what a safe the country it seemed, my heart goes out to all those that have lost loved ones in this madness.

    Condolences to all our Norwegian members.


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    Awful news. Deepest sympathy for all those touched by this.
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    I've been to Oslo several times and a nicer race of people I've yet to meet, the fact that this appears to be home grown terrorism just doesn't compute somehow.

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    Its the last place I would have expected to have this sort of thing happen, real shame but myself and my family will still be spending all of August there sogood on the Norwegians for not reacting as most other countries would.

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