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Thread: Colt .38 as new revolver

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    Colt .38 as new revolver for dispatch

    Attachment 8206Attachment 8203Attachment 8205Attachment 8204Attachment 8202Hi all,

    I have a as new in the box ;

    make : Colt
    model : Agent
    calibre : 38 special
    barrel : 2 inch
    finish : blued

    COST 400

    This is unrestricted at the moment but can be restricted at a cost of 35 ,it is as new as you can find sechondhand.

    Thanks for looking and i will post pictures tomorrow.

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    pictures now added.

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    on hold pending funds.

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    Congrats on the sale and indeed not wishing to detract from your thread but can you explain what the regulations are regarding short arms for humane dispatch in the UK.
    It was my understanding that pistols are outlawed on mainland UK?
    I am curious as the only reason a pistol can be liscensed here in the Rep of Ireland is for target practice and a pistol for dispatch cannot be obtained.

    thanks in advance.

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    Like any firearms, so long as you have good reason then you can have. Just go on a standard Section 1 FAC. People such as deer stalkers, knackermen, vets all have them, there are cases when it would be a severe animal welfare issue otherwise.

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    been let down so still forsale at 375 to go.

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    You are putting me under pressure!!!

    I had a chat with the Licensing Dept today and will have the application on their desk by Monday. Won't hold my breath though...

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    bri if it does not sell it is going on my fac until the police make there mind up about something else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
    been let down so still forsale at 375 to go.
    At 375 plus 35 to get it restricted to single shot seems a lot of money to me.
    As you once stated this is not an auction site but I am sure he will get offers more suited to his pocket if he makes enquiries.


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    stag who said anything about single shot and a auction as it is not open to offers around the asking price and you will get cheaper but i thought you would know you only get what you pay for you want cheap you can get cheap.

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