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Thread: My productive day

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    My productive day

    My productive day, I'll set the back round first

    A local land owner many moons ago planted by mistake some cherry plum & bullace trees in a hedge row this hedge borders a footpath ,over the yrs the trees have produced fruit but nothing to talk about . Since i have started keeping bees the fruit on these trees has got lots lots better (my house/hives are 300m away)

    This year I honestly believe through the bees (I have 4 hives this yr) the fruit trees have produced a ridiculous amounts of fruit ,two branches
    (3"--4"diameter ) of one cherry plum tree have snapped through the shear weight of fruit ,they are hanging like grapes all over the tree the bees must of pollinated every flower on the trees .

    I have been taking a pocketful each night to eat when I pass the trees when walking the dogs, I decided to get more today and do something with them I went with my father and the kids to the trees set out a tarp and shook the tree twice, it was like it was raining fruit ,hundreds fell down in one go upon us It took longer to set up the tarp than get the fruit, we collected 28 lbs of cherry plums in the one go.

    The tree looked like nothing had been taken when we finished there must be literally hundreds of pounds of fruit left on this tree and 10 trees in his hedge mixture of cherry plum & bullace

    We washed and divided the fruit 50/50 I have since made 9 lbs of cherry plum jam (tastes outstanding ) a pile of compote for general use( crumbles,add to cereal etc) and couple of pounds of fresh to just eat .

    On checking the bees as well today there appeared to be a good stock of honey , I removed some brace comb full of honey , this year the honey has a slight caramel /toffee taste (also outstanding)

    So I am very happy with my productive day as everything I have done tastes great .

    nothing to do with stalking just thought I would let you know .....Neil
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    How can you call that productive? You haven't mentioned steeping any of that fruit in alcohol and sugar
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    2lbs of plums,1/2lb of sugar,2 pints of cheap brandy.Leave for at least 3 months.You will not taste a better liqueur.

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    To bee or not to bee...

    Now we know!
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    Hi mate, how's that new swarm doing ? I hope you fed them.

    I was watching 6 deer out in the field on Saturday with Howard right next to a field of peas but they were still there on Sunday, all day.

    One little field which I never look at to the rear of the big house also had deer in it which had to cross at least two rivers to get there. The field was clover and peas but harvested two weeks ago for silage but the clover is growing back nice.

    Howard wants to go up Scotland next month to start on the reds and sika if you fancy helping. The trip should last about a week so make sure you have plenty of room in your freezer.


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    What a great post griffshrek, my wifes hives have done well this year also, in fact so well she is now looking for a proper extractor as opposed to the heath robinson affair she was using.

    Atb, Jamie.

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    Barry the little hive doing very well they have put down loads of pollen & honey , i will start banking browny points and work on the boss for a little trip to keep you company and stop you getting into trouble , speak soon ....neil

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