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Thread: BLASER MOUNTS and Open Season.

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    BLASER MOUNTS and Open Season.

    Hi guy's this is for all those Blaser fans out there. If you need top quality mounts for your blaser contact:-
    Paul Grannell SENTRY Trading Authorised EAW (apel) importer & distributor on 01420 300 123 at Charwell House, Wilsom Roed, Alton, Hampshire GU34 2PP.
    I have tried open season repeatdly as has my local dealer and even visited them at the CLA today (tiniest stall available in gunmakers row) but their not interested in anything it seems it was appalling and every stall that i asked at said the same thing about them (waste of time) i know a friend of mine wanted a 30,06 barrel so his local shop rang them and a girl who admited she was new and knew nothing said she would ring back but as usual i'm told they didn't, so back to the main issue- IF YOU WANT TOP QUALITY MOUNTS AT A FRACTION OF THE COST THAT RETAIN ZERO CONTACT PAUL GRANNEL he's a top guy with an A1 product from Apel at about £150+ cheaper than Open Season. They come complet with rings of your choice or rail mount or convershion to weaver/pic absolutly A1.

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    Morning Gents

    I have to say that I have not had any dealings with them & I have an R93 Pro in 308 which I just cannot put down (sad old git I know), however a few friends & some of the shops I have used dont have many good words for them, but lets face it based upon the cost to have even a 12m frontage at the CLA in Gun Makers row must be pretty steep, however you would think that a manufacturer as large as Blazer/Mauser would want a high profile here with many people now shelling out on thire rifles & should have thrown in a few quid so that the UK main agent could look a little better in the eyes of the spending public.

    But thanks for the Info as I get up to Alton a little now & again.

    Regs Lee

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    Seems that sort of attitude in the firearm industry is quite common from what I hear, bigger they get the poorer they become.

    Costs for stalls at the CLA are pretty steep, then you need accommodation for staff etc, that is always fully booked for 50 miles. However there are a lot of people with money to spend going, I don't often go but one year I was having a drool on the Holland & Holland or Purdey stand, American walked on and bought a pair of used O/Us, 100K spent in about 10 minutes.

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    They didn't even manage a 12m frontage it was more like 12 feet about 3m and pitches are not that expensive espically given that they have almost a monopoly on blaser. Also don't blame the company they entrusted the agency to open season and they are crap in my experience a view shared by many from what i'm hearing everywhere.

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    Open Season are a poor UK agent for Blaser. I have used Blaser shotguns and rifles, and unless you are lucky and manage to speak to a German, you don't get much help. I spoke to a German at the Game Fair about a simple change to my R8, the price in euros roughly doubled when OS gave their price!

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    Are these said mounts quick release?


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    apel mounts are a compromise in quality and performance to the blaser saddle mount, they are 2 separate pieces and dont support the scope in teh same way - if you cant afford or are not prepared to pay for the genuine article then it could be that blaser ownership is not for you.

    dont deal with open season, they are the distributor, deal with a premier retailer such as mcleods or mulliner guns and you will have no problems. the cost difference is a decent fallow buck.

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    Thanks for answering my question. I use the blaser quick release saddle mounts and think they are worth every penny. Just thought this guy may have been able to source the same type but at a cheaper rate.

    I must say I spoke to Open Season at the game fair and was pretty happy they said they would help me source a ex demo or 2nd hand barrel for my R93 over the next few months so we shall see if they come up trumps.


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    My dealings with Alan Rhone, the previous Blaser agent in the UK, were always very satisfactory. Perhaps he would still deal in and work on Blasers? I don't know but certainly worth the cost of a phone call as just because he is no longer agent doesn't mean they can take the knowledge and training away from his workshop etc.

    I've heard nothing but bad about Open Season and if my Blaser needed any work done to it I would certainly be looking into sending it to Alan Rhone, if he would have it, rather than to Open Season.

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    picture of the apel mounts here.

    you can see they are separate, whereas a blasser saddle mount has a single base and 2 rings, which completely support the scope and can never flex, the blaser rings are second to none and if fitted correctly will not mark that expensive scope - the one that you were advised to pay more than your rifle for.

    apel mounts, if used like a blaser saddle mount will stress the scope every time they are removed and refitted. if you must use apels in a blaser then forget their QD function, fite them to the barrel and then mount the scope as you would on conventional rifle with rings fitted to bases.

    just my two penneth worth (its actualy about 37500 penneth, but worth every one of them.

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