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Thread: Jelen Deer Services - New Offices and Training Centre

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    Jelen Deer Services - New Offices and Training Centre

    Hi Everyone,

    We are proud to announce that Jelen Deer Services will be officially opening our new Offices and Training & Study Centre on the 1st September 2011.

    The new complex will be a dedicated training centre for the study of all aspects of deer management, at all levels.

    All future training through Jelen will be conducted from the new premises near Stockbridge, Hampshire. The lecture/meeting room will be available for hire for meetings, training courses, lectures and other gatherings.

    The offices of Jelen Deer Services will be shared with Animal Capture UK Ltd, a Jelen Group Company.

    Finally we are very pleased to welcome the new members to our Jelen Management Team, and we will shortly be publicising email contact details for each team member, and detailing their role within the company.

    Thank you to all those that have supported us and helped us with the setting up of the new facilities.

    Best regards to you all.

    (Director - Jelen Deer Services) Jelen Deer- Committed to excellence

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    Well done Mike look forward to seeing the new office's


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    Great to hear, Mike! Already looking forward to my next visit to Stockbridge.


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    nice to hear of a sucess for a change mike
    well done
    kind regards

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    Great news Mike

    Simon has filled me in on the finer details of the new empire, but can't wait to see it.

    Hopefully I'll be over some time next week so maybe catch you while I'm there?


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    Hi Mike , How different is this new center going to be compared to the previous center at holywell .

    Best of Luck

    Regards Brough

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    Hi Brough,

    Good to hear from you. Hope you are well.

    There is a huge difference in that the Holywell Deer Centre was focussed mainly on DSCL1 and Advanced deer management training, but the management of the business itself was under the management and administration of the Holywell Estate agents. However, the new complex will be under the total control of Jelen's Senior Management team, and as such we will be running all our business operations from there.

    From the complex, we plan to deliver an entire spectrum of courses from basic instruction through to highly specialised courses.

    It will also be the base for our commercial stalking operation, and will eventually be used to hold meetings, seminars and conferences for other organisations.

    Please feel free to visit us once we get everything fully operational.



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