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Thread: Gut shot - cleaning up the mess!

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    Gut shot - cleaning up the mess!

    I shot a nice little buck last night who turned slightly as I fired. The resultant quartering shot nicked the front end of the rumen. I cleaned him out and discarded everything including the lights. After carrying him to my car (not too far away) I washed him end to end and dried him off with blue paper towel.
    The carcass was pretty clean after all that.
    Does anybody have any suggestions for alternative actions should I be unfortunate enough to do it again?

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    Sounds OK to me. Although some may decry your wash out.
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    Washing is said by some to spread the contamination further.......however in the face of massive contamination is seems absolutely appropriate. I would probably discard the fillets from under the spine though but the rest of the carcass should be OK

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    suspend and flush out with loads of potable water imediately after Graloch whilst the animal is still hot should end up with a relatively clean carcas cut around outshot.


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    Quote Originally Posted by devilishdave View Post
    suspend and flush out with loads of potable water imediately after Graloch whilst the animal is still hot should end up with a relatively clean carcas cut around outshot.

    Sounds good to me.
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    Dd has it bang on wash while hot and let cool as normal no presure water just pour cut round contamination and allow an extra few inch looks bad but its the way i do it and i am still alive not that i gut shot many but green contamination happens in even the best shots.

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    The really annoying thing is when you make a perfectly good shot - shraight in straight out - but bits of shrapnel puncture the bag!

    Personally if its just a bit of green stuff in the body cavity then as others have said a wash with a hose when suspended in the larder does the job.

    Must say though there have been one or two when the shot was more marginal (!!) and I have ended up with the ribcage 'delaminating' and a widespread smelly tide has resulted.

    **** happens

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    Had similar in Friday night, roe buck just would not stand still so popped him when the shoulder presented itself. opened from ars* to chin and cleaned with kitchen roll from the back of the jeep. I then give the roe a hose out at the house before hanging, just a low pressure squirt to remove debris nothing mental.

    tastes just fine on the barbeque tonight!!!!

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    I normally flush out then visually inspect. If it was a particularly bad case then I discard anything that has been in contact with the green, so I save the back legs, loins, forequarters, neck, the fillets and ribcage are binned.

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    Thanks for all of that. I believe what I did complies with the majority of your opinions.
    I'll try not to do it again though.
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