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Thread: Extensive library of deer books.

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    Extensive library of deer books.

    Hi folks, as some of you will know because of health issues I have stopped stalking and sold all of my rifles etc, there is still however my book collection which sits here rubbing in the proverbial salt.
    All books are in very good to unread condition, only the fallow book is missing the dust jacket.
    Wanting to sell as a job lot for ease, I know that it would generate more money sold seperatley but it will hopefully just be quicker and easier this way.
    So here goes, hope your sitting comfortably.
    Then I,ll begin,

    The roe is back - bae Dodd, Deer management in small woodlands - R Prior, Foxing with lamp and rifle - R Bucknell, Deer of the world - V Geist, Half a century of Scottish Deer Stalking - G K Whitehead, The Deer managers Companion - R Putman, Woodland Stalking - P Carne, Highland Deer stalking - D Hudson, The roe Deer - R Prior, A hill farmers year - I Allcock, Reminiscensce of Woodland Stalking - L Ritchie, Deer of Britain and Ireland -P Carne, Deer Stalking Handbood - G Downing, The Roe Deer - H Tegner, The future for woodland deer - R McKinley, The six pointer buck - D stephen, Humble Pie - R Prior, Munjack managing an alien species - C Smith-Jones, Living with Deer - R Prior, Deer a personal View - I Allcock, Hunting and stalking Deer throughout the world - G K Whitehead, Trees and deer - R Prior, Deer Watch - R Prior, The sporting rifle - R Marshall-Ball, Practical Woodland stalking - C Elfed, Gardens and Deer - C Coles, Roe Deer management and stalking - R Prior, Stalking Training Manual - St Hubert club, Stalking Deer - I Allcock, Kia a study of Deer - I Allcock, Fallow Deer - D and N Chapman, Practical Deer Stalking - GK Whitehead, Following the roe - F Holmes, Deer Law and Liabilities - C Parks and J thornley, Deer Management in Southern England - D Griffith, Management and Diseases of Deer Handbook for Vet Surgeons.

    This lot cost me in the region of £600,ish, would accept£300, 2 of the books alone were £120 so i was probably being rather conservative with my initial guesstimate.

    They weigh a considerable amount so could be collected from Cornwall OR I can deliver on my regular runs through Devon, Somerset, Wilts, Hamps, Surrey, Sussex, Kent. This would involve a meet up on the A30- A303, A272 corridor.

    Thanks for looking,


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    Hmm, lots of interest but everyone wants to split, So one more incentive and see how we get on, got to be better than selling individualy.

    Will now pay for the collection to be sent to buyer, so not restricted to "down south"

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    Sold to Smullery pending the usual.
    Thanks for all the pm,s.

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    Paid for by smullery esq.

    Please close, thank you.

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