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    dog portrait

    Hi Guys,
    A few years ago I had a portrait done of one of my dogs. I sent off some photos and told the lady what colour frame i wanted and within a week or so I had a pastel portrait of my Dog. I was hoping to get one done of my old Spaniel that I had to put down earlier this year, trouble is I can't find any contact details for the lady.
    I have had a good search of the net but they have come up blank.
    Her name was Theresa Goodbun (from memory) and I can find lots of people refering to her on the net but none have any details.
    Can any of you guys point me in the right direction?


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    Your search powers are weak my friend

    Contact: Teresa GoodbunTelephone: 01304 830 206Email: teespictureaol.comProfile: Teresa has specialised in painting animals from photographs since 1975. She has been successful in having her works commissioned to all parts of the United Kingdom,Europe, the USA, and the Far East. She undertakes her portraits in pastel and aims to capture not only the look but also the character of her subjects. Hundreds of delighted clients. Tel:01304 830206

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    Top Man,
    i will give her a bell

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