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Thread: new 7mm08

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    new 7mm08

    had my new 7mm08 a week now built on a gbr action, border barrel kevlar/carbon fibre stock and third eye tactical mod very nice piece of kit it shoots itself my load so far is a 140 grain partition over 42.5 grains of varget and a fed primer shoots .4 my best group my largest was .7 at 2850 fps
    i wasnt impressed by the remington brass though
    anyone else shoot 7mm08 what are your pet loads i tried RL-17 but had no joyAttachment 8213

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    Im just waiting to get mine back from screwcutting then I can start developing a load for it. It came with some 140gr GK and 120gr Noslers so Ill be starting with those.
    See if they are as good as Ive read everywhere lol
    I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy!
    Another 7mm08 shooter!

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    Norma brass, 40.5 Gns RL15, Federal GM210M primers, 140 Gn NBT/Accubond, MV 2835fps in a 22" LW barrel 1:9 twist. Works for me, shoots into the .3's .

    Good luck with yours, I never got any better grouping than yours with NPs, but I doubt that any deer will notice the difference.


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    what was your issue with the remmy brass?

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    just didnt seem consistent alot of weight variations neck thickness and alot of the brass i had to run through the die because of dints necks going to get some nosler custom brass heard good things

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    I don't know what your brass prep consists of but all my brass is run through my FL die. In my stalking rifle I don't need to check neck thickness or weights. I will achieve a .3 average with my walther barreled browning A-bolt.

    I cannot justify 1 per piece for Nosler brass when I might loose it when out culling. My Lapua 6mmbr brass was not even that expensive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gr1ffer View Post
    just didnt seem consistent alot of weight variations neck thickness ....
    Ditto, my 260 Rem brass varies in weight by nearly 5 grains. I try and sort it into 1-2 grain lots and have binned odd really heavy cases. I turned some of the necks to try and improve the neck consistency, but didn't make a very good job of that. I have some Nosler brass in the cupboard, but plan to work through the Remington brass first. Given that I have a lot of it, if on seating any bullet seems exceptionally hard to seat or easy to seat, I mark it and bin it after firing. I recently had some annealed and am starting to use that.

    Regards JCS

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    same jcampbellsmith as soon as im done with the 100 remmy brass ill give it away and get some nosler or norma

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