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Thread: 110 v max

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    110 v max

    hi all any 1 using n 140 to load 110 v max 308 cal looking for a starting load. thanks guys

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    Just checked Vhit, Hornady, Speer and Sierra and none of them list an N140 load with a 110 grain bullet.

    Might be N140 isn't well suited to such a light bullet. I hope someone turns up a load for you.

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    yea think your rite mate dont seem to suit the light bullet starting to work with the 125

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    I've used RL15 with the 110 grain v-max - I didn't load it hot as it was a "plinking" load worked up when v-max were a LOT less expensive than they are now. It was plenty accurate though at about 3000fps.

    Vhit give 45.3 - 49.9 for N140 and the 125 grain Nosler ballistic tip and Nosler give 45.5 - 49.5 for the same combination, hope that helps.

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    thanks again big help. 110 v max are great fun on foxes they are pricey alright what do u shoot yourself looking for a bit more value.

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