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Thread: winchester silvertip 22-250

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    winchester silvertip 22-250

    just bought some winchester silvertip 40gr ballistic for my 22-250 as i've never used these before just wondered if anyone else had used this round and what views they had on them ?? on the box theres no chart regarding projectiles was gonna set my scope at 1.5 in high at 100m thinking it would be spot on at 200yrds can anyone help with this ???

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    i set my scope at 100 yard with 55gr holow points and got a few of these silver tips given to me i put a few threw the 22.250 and found they were about 2inch high they are **** in high winds to hope this helps ???

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    I put some 50 grain silvertips over the chrono oneday and out of a 26 inch barrel they averaged over 3800 fps. so the 40's will be up close to the 4000 fps i would say out of that length barrel.

    set it 1 inch high at 100 yards. and then put a board up at 200 yards to find your drop. i would be very surprised if there is little drop with those rounds at that range. you might find they hit a little high !

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    My local gun smith and custom rifle builder (John Carr's) advised me to set my 22/250 at 1/2'' high @ 100yds, he said this is due to them shooting so flat.


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    thanks for your help i'll try that

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    thanks for that wayne

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    thanks for reply the winchester silvertip ballistic is new to me i've been using soft point 53gr norma just went to get some more rounds from my gunshop and thought i'd try some of these

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    Does it say the ft/sec on the box? Im shooting some 40g Vmax home loads that are 80% from max load flying at 3800 ft/sec. Im getting a 200 yards zero with 1 inch high at 100 yards.

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