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Thread: Dog lost at cla game fair

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    Dog lost at cla game fair

    Hello there,
    I really need your help. I lost our wonderful black lab at the CLA game fair this weekend, on the sat about 2.00pm in Gunmakers Row. She was in a stall next to the shooting times stand. I went to look through the scopes of an air rifle and when I looked down she had gone. She may have disappeared through the back of the tent. She is approx 1 year old, solid black, with a very small patch of white on her underbelly - you have to look hard for it. She is very timid in nature, and a fairly useless gundog - so of no value to anyone, but an extremely loved member of our family. Initially I thought that she had gone missing, and was hiding somewhere but as time has gone on, it is now looking like someone has taken her. Please please look out for any dogs that might be for sale, or anyone has acquired a new dog since the fair that seems suspicious. She is microchipped and I will offer a cash reward for her safe return. She means the world to me, not as a gundog, but as my pet. She answers to the name of Lilah.
    Please also ask about for me.
    Any help would be more than appreciated.


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    That's bad news Chris. I hope you and your dog are soon reunited.
    Regards, Pete.

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    Chris, i have replied on Dans thread already.

    Hope you get her back mate.


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    I have pasted and posted your details above on another two forums.


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    cheers for that steve, we have let as many people know as pos, and as many shooting estates and dog clubs up and down the country so fingers crossed she turns up.

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    hope you get her back mate,i would avoid putting her name out there it makes it to easy for someone if they have knicked her

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    try the orginisers mate or try who was orginising the stewards as well its better than waiting i hope you get her soon mate i wish you all the best

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    I do hope you get her back mate.

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