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Thread: intrested in how other's put meat on the table

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    intrested in how other's put meat on the table

    Hello you all. As the title says I like to talk to those who hunt for food. I have no time for those who think I kill therefore I am. I'm born and raised on an 80 acre farm and grew up with a respect for animals. Served during two wars vietnam and the 91 gulf war. I enjoy reloading and shooting paper as a hobby. I hunt only for food and eat what I kill. I currently have 17 different barrels I load for. I have been reloading for nigh on to 20 years and try to learn something new each day about reloading and shooting. I found this web site and hope to learn from you all. Thanks searlock.
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    Welcome to the site Searlock.

    I am looking forward to your input, being from the "Deep south" you don't use Black Mouth Cures do you? for hunting.



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    Welcome to the site, we have a few of your Countrymen on the site.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    hi i normally put my meat on a plate before putting it on the table ,but each to ther own haha

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    welcome Searlock! Hope you enjoy the forum.. im sure you will hear from lots of like minded people! I hardly eat beef now as i substitute it with venison.. If i get too much venison i either barter the carcass at the butchers for other types of meats or eggs or i swap the meat for veg with a guy i know who has an allotment. During the pheasant shooting season, we eat a lot of partridges and pheasant breasts. The thing that always amazes me is the fact that theres so much good quality food out there and its cheaper than the supermarket!



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    98% of the deer I shoot end up here:

    Every once in a while I will make myself some venison mince, as above, I don't buy beef anymore.

    Regards JCS
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    I don't use dogs for hunting. I have been on dog hunts for deer. A very few times I have hunted pheasant with friends and their dogs and found it most enjoyable. Nothing against dog hunting just rather still hunt for white tail.

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    Evening Searlock.
    I ‘we hunted your neck of the woods, duck hunting in VA with a deaf Labrador, (Damn hard dog to call back) and way back/north, deer in CO. Impressed with the no tolerance for wasting game over there. Like others in here, I eat all my game. In the fall, IŽll hook up with other old veterans, and weŽll buy pheasants of the local estates. None of our families eat much chicken anymore. Once every winter, weŽll empty out the freezers and make smoked sausages of the odd bits left.
    Ya gotta come stalk in the highland!

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