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Thread: Please advice

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    Please advice

    Don't want to fall foul of the law

    Me mate called and thinks he has seen tracks of boar on his stalking ground

    What should one do next ?

    Tell the land owner first I presume

    Then the police to get permission to change his ticket condition ?

    Is there something else he should be doing

    He doesn't want to blab about it openly for obvious reasons

    Can one bait for boar legally ?

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    Oh he has borrowed a stealth trail camera yesterday already

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    You can bait boar, change your FAC via your PLOD, suggest 270 or lager, you must tell the land owner as he will need to give you permisson to take them. If you want to keep them and just have the old one be careful which one you shoot. This time of year you should be looking at taking a yearling, less than 80lbs. It may be a sow with piglets, in that case you should leave them till about October and then take a young one.

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