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Thread: slack primer pockets

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    slack primer pockets

    Morning all ,

    While loading 50 rounds yesterday afternoon I was priminng the brass for my normal 270 load , and I noticed some of the primers were seating a little too easily.

    And in one case the primer would no seat at all so I chucked it in the scrap sack !

    I use norma brass which was once fired and I use a lee autoprime 2 ram priming too , which I can feel exectly how the primer is seated.

    I've reoloaded the brass 6 times fully resizing every time and the over all condition of the brass is in good order !

    Is this a sign the brass has nearly had it and time for new ?

    I've never experienced this before so your thoughts will be aprecated!

    Cheers lee

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    lee Be careful if the primers are noticeably slack you could get primers blowing out.
    I loaded some a few months ago and had two primers blow out in 20 rounds.
    I was given some brass and so I ued full resizeing trimmed to length etc then started working on a new powder load.
    I was well within the recommend limits and had blow outs,threw away the rest of the cases.better in the scrap bin than have an accident. luckily I was not doing my usuall trick of loading a full pack of powder.

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    Some cases have slacker pockets than others and different primers can be tried to compensate but six times reloaded cases suddenly going slack may mean you had a high pressure loading last time.
    Best discard any slack ones and get some new brass.
    With the cost of components going up so much it isn't worth messing about.
    Full length resizing will do nothing to reduce the size of a primer pocket.


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    Sorry to say this but if your getting loose primer pockets with 6 re-loads then your working at too high a pressure and really you are just asking for trouble with pressures that high.

    It seems that some people just do not realise that despite the load being safe in one barrel it might not be in another. Saw a chap at Reepham Moor range having to rod out cases from a RPA rifle. I looked at a fired case and it was obvious from the case head and primer that there was an over pressure issue. However the owner wouldn't have it as the rounds had been tested in a pressure barrel and were proved to be in CIP limits. As I pointed out despite the cartridges being within CIP limits they were over-pressure for that particular rifle!

    He couldn't or wouldn't understand that each and every barrel is basically a law unto itself. Never did hear the outcome of that one.

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    That's what I thought but that's next to impossible with the load I'm using !

    I m loading a minimal load of N160 at 53gns un crimmped with 130gn sierra gamekings producing and aveeage of 2800-2850 fps which is a very light load indeed for the 270 and seated 10 tho off the lands !

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    Lee: It's not "impossible" to have high pressure from that load, just unlikely. It is most likely the brass. I have had some experience with prematurely loose pockets in Norma brass with sane loads and I regrettably scraped the brass when I got a case that offered no perceptible resistance in seating the primer. Keep and eye on them and be careful. (Start shopping for brass) ~Muir

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    Hi Lee

    As others have said, personally I'd buy some new brass. Personally I've not had good experience with Norma cases - in 308 anyway (although their loaded ammunition is good). Unfortunately Lapua don't seem to make 270 - have you tried Nosler Custom? Might be a bit more expensive, but in the overall scheme of things???


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    it may be just the brass mate try some new brass back the load off 5% and work up if you get a different make of brass i had the same problem when i had a 270 it just seemed hard on brass i was getting around 5-6 reloads as well when i got new brass no problems


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    I don't see what brand of primer you are using. I have found winchester primers to be the slackest in my brass and cci and federal to be tighter.this is in any brand of brass though I have not tried lapua or rws brass.

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    CCI primers right? They should be right. I'd agree and say mildly suspect brass. Even though you load is probably in the region of 40 000psi, remember the first firing from factory brass would have been about 65000. Couple that with maybe a soft batch of brass and 6 loadings is the result.

    Can't see anything you or the gun could do to cause it otherwise
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