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Thread: C L A missing dog

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    C L A missing dog

    HI there I,m letting as many people know about this as possible,
    We were at the cla over the weekend and my friend has had his dog stolen
    it is a small black lab just over a year old her name is lila and she is a timid little dog.
    they are offering a cash reword. so if any one has any info please let me know

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    I am so sorry about your friend being a lab owner myself but there is a big difference between stolen or lost

    Can I just ask how do you know it is stolen ?

    Such a low life if that is true

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    Hi Dan

    Sorry to here that mate, what day did you go?


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    lost dog

    hi steve we were there all weekend camping, it was Chrissy's dog by the way.
    she never leaves his side and it was on the saterday morning so if she was lost some one would have seen her by now.
    It take a bas$"d to steel a persons dog. hos girl friend is distaught

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    I saw you in a tent asking the seller if he had heard anything, I kept my ears and eyes open but no luck i'm afraid!

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