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    hi morena,hope you are well.dont think this is a problem but just thought i would run it past you,my 2 year old lab bitch has taken a liking to blackberrys everytime we go out she plucks a few of the bushes as we pass them.they wont do her any harm will they?

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    Can't imagine they would. Every cocker we have ever had has always scoffed blackberrys - sometimes in industrial quantities - and it never hurt them. Mind you, it might the reason they were/are all mental .

    I have heard that blackberries growing adjacent to roads should be avoided as they (apparently) readily take up heavy metals and therefore concentrate all the crud from vehicle exhaust fumes.

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    Hi tika.308
    don't worry about the berries. good source of vitamin c. As mentioned by bandit roadside berries become contaminated by car exhausts so not a good idea. All my dogs eat fruit come what may, even nicked half a water melon on one occasion. Steer clear of grapes and raisins as they will knacker the kidneys.
    Am doing well now less like a chinese takeaway boss.
    Hope you are enjoying good stalking.

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    ok thanks guys,not been doing alot of stalking or any shooting yet but im hoping to start getting out and about soon,quite a bit of driving to do from different invites so just got to find the time.another thing the dogs like are raw carrots when i sneak them a couple out of the house.

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