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Thread: Range to zero a .243 at?

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    Range to zero a .243 at?

    Hello, what is the best range to zero a .243 at? What size groups should I be looking at being acceptable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WillM View Post
    Hello, what is the best range to zero a .243 at? What size groups should I be looking at being acceptable?
    Will. It depends what you are shooting at. I zero an inch high at 100yds to shoot at roe deer. I got a roe deer at 33 yds the other evening and in the winter will shoot out to about 180 yds in good conditions.

    Regards JCS

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    Depends on what round you're firing. The trajectory of a 55gr .243 round at 4000 odd fps is very different to a 100gr at 3000 fps. For the heavier rounds, I'd zero, as jc says, 1" high at 100 yards. This should give you a 4" point blank range from the muzzle out to nearly 200 yards. If you want to work it our properly, invest in one of the ballistics programs, input as much data as you can and see what the ballistic curve looks like.

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    hi willm depends what sort of stalking you are doing woodland or open ground.most of my woodland deer are shot within 100 there fore sight your rifle at 100 yards.I also shoot quite afew deer on the hill therefore deer are shot at a greater distance.Rifle is sighted in at 200 yards.It also depends on your ability and what you feel comfortable with.Good luck logburner.

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    I cant think of a single reason not to zero at 100yds (or close to it). even if your expected quarry will be inside that 90% of the time.
    I can count on one hand how many red deer I have shot past 120yds with the 270 but I know if something goes pear shaped and I have to take a second shot that only presents itself at 250yds then zeroing at 1" at 100yds gives me the best possible Maximum Point Blank Range should I ever need to do that without having the faff with range finders, twiddle turrets or rely on anything remotely ballistic software related.

    1" high at 100 has been tested time in memoriam

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    I can never understand this idea of people saying they zero1" high or whatever at 100yds or metres ... because surely that is not your zero. All this means is that your bullet strikes 1" high at 100 {please enter your prefered choice of unit of measurement} . Your actual zero is likely to be down range a bit more. So guys impress me when your point of impact is 1" high at 100 yds what really is your zero .

    I understand the reasons why you do this , personally I do zero bang on at 100 yds , and now I'm rambling its been a long day goodnight all . Brough

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    i zero for 200 yards and with my homeload load of 85 grain sierra gamekings its 1.2" high at 100 and 4" low at 270 yardsi never shoot deer over 200 but when shooting alot of foxes with 243 ive found thats the zero that works for me and has done for years any further like crows and targets then i dial in using a data card and JBM ballistic software
    however just find what your happy shooting and can compensate for you will eventually find a system that works for your style of shooting


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    because zeroing at 1" high at 100 is easier than zeroing at 217 yards 7inches...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    because zeroing at 1" high at 100 is easier than zeroing at 217 yards 7inches...
    Exactly, where I go stalking I can find a number of spots where I can safely shoot at 100yds. It's much trickier to find a spot where I can set the target up at 163 yds. The second thing to consider, is that after 40+ years of looking through scopes on rifles zeroed 1 inch high at 100yds, you get accustomed to the sight picture and the results. I tried at one point to change to a zero at 100yds when I changed a scope. I gave up and changed back to 1 inch high at 100yds.

    Regards JCS

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    ive always zeroed all my rifles 1"high at 100 yds , no mater what the calibre !

    it gives you the flexability of a long shot if required with out even thinking about it ! there is nothing worse than having a shot "on" and then having to run bullet drops through your head loosing your shot .

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