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Thread: Steve Kershaw Built Rem 700 custom 270WSM & Swarovski Z6 2.5x15x56mm BT

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    Steve Kershaw Built Rem 700 custom 270WSM & Swarovski Z6 2.5x15x56mm BT


    I am now having a propper clear out! I have for sale my Rem 700 custom that was built for me by Steve Kershaw in 2008, it has only fired 60 rounds from new, (still have 20 rounds of Factory for it).

    Spec is as follows:

    Rem 700 L/A blue printed, larger recoil lug & Sako extracter fitted, with a 3 shot D/M kit.
    Jewell stainless trigger & safty unit set to 1lb with only 2mm of movement.
    Kreiger Heavy Sporter Mat stainless barrell, 1/10 twist & chambered 270wsm, proofed & screw cut 1/2 inch UNF, 22.5 inch length, Pes stainless end can fitted.
    Talley Carbon Steel 30mm medium/high mounts & key.
    H&S Kevlar Stock with spider web inlay.
    Swarovski Z6 2.5x15x56BT as new unmounted, UK model
    Full length semi ridged country covers case that fits the rifle, scope & mod.
    Premium 270wsm reloading die set (unused)
    20 Rounds of Factory Winchester Accubond 140gr molly coated ammo.
    About 200 rounds of once fired brass (purchased in for reloading)

    This rifle is very powerfull & ideal for big old reds or boar, bears, moose or most things short of a water buffalo I guess!

    Very accurate & gives touching groups with the factory ammo.

    The retail for the whole kit when built was 3,940

    I am looking for 2500 for her with all of the above items included in the sale as a combined lot

    Please PM me if interested, the rifle is in Southampton Hants & I am happt to do an RFD to RFD transfer.

    26/07/2011 updated:

    Guys the Swarovski Z6 has now been sold seperatly, so the sale is for all of the above but the scope is no longer included & there is a premium rifle sling for it also included, revised price without the scope now is 1200.

    Regs Lee

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    Wow, that's a very impressive set-up.

    Good luck. JCS

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    Lee, I am in love it's out of my price range unfortunately, but wow! What a rifle

    Regards, Simon
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    Cheers, I had her built & just never use her, she has been sat on storage with the clowns at Town & Country Sports in Botley whom are closing for good this week, so I had to pick her up today & she is no longer required.

    She needs a good home with somone on the other side of the big wall I feel!

    Regs Lee

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