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Thread: Can someone please help ?!!

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    Can someone please help ?!!

    Help, can anyone help me out here. I have been stalking for over 25years and recently had to give up my ground following a bad accident, I'm now getting back on my feet and I've been looking for some accumpanied stalking in the west midlands for a while as trvelling any distance is still a problem after the accident (50 mile radius Ludlow) and have failed dismally to find anyone offering stalking of any kind at any price. Have things changed so much in three years?? It used to be possible to pickup a few days from local estates but none seam to offer stalking at all any more.
    To complicate things my 21 year old son, who is an experianced shot, has expressed a desire to take his first Buck and is eager for me to find somewhere for us to go stalking.
    If there is anyone out there who knows of an estate offering a few days I'd be very grateful if they could let me know.

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    hi jackdaw

    if you want some stalking not to far from Ludlow contact hereford deer management.The chap you need to speak to is Tim lander tel no 07885 944469.cheers logburner .

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    Hi Logburner,
    I have spoken to Tim, he surgested I wait until November, guess he's booked up. Thanks for the surgestion though. Any other thoughts as my son is beending my ear to get going?

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    hi jackdaw

    try contacting cliff moore on 01902 710863 i think he is still the chairman of west midlands branch bds nice bloke.There is always the forestry commision but you will need deep pockets.hope this helps let me know how you get on. cheers logburner .

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    They had some stalking for sale out of Minsterley a few years back might be worth a try, give old clarky a call. If not they would know someone I'm sure.

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