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Thread: Waiting is such a pain!

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    Waiting is such a pain!

    I've filled the forms, had the visit (supplied copious tea and Hobnobs), walked the permissions with the FEO and am now waiting for th epostie to bring Chrstmas early. I have cash in my safe and it's burning a hole in it.

    Anyway: Hi and I hope that I don't pee too many folks off with my 'special' brand of humour and manage to ask decent question and not appear too much of a Muppet.


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    Welcome to the site. you need patience to be a stalker

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    Well that's summer gone and still no sign of that tiny bit of paper. Sigh!

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    only 3 months to go then. welcome
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    When I applied for my last variation and EFP I got a phone call to say it was ready for collection (they knew I was up against it time wise) I hopped in my car and trundled over to the police station. On arrival they told me it was not ready but would be printed the next day. The next day was no good I was going to Spain on a Montera and I needed the rifle the variation was for. I very kindly asked if they could possibly press print as I was there anyway. The answer I got back nearly made me cry. "I am sorry we can only use the printers on Tuesday and Friday, one of the other departments has them today" .........

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    4 months since the application went in, 3 months since the cheque was cashed, 2 months since the visit. At the end of my visit my FEO said it should take about a month to come through as my main permission was already cleared for higher calibers than I was asking for.
    I called a fortnight ago asking if they could photocopy one of the permission slips I handed over, as it was the original and I can't find a copy. The ladies said they would and that the FAC was in 'the pile', but they hadn't printed it yet. Not wanting to seem pushy, I just said thanks for the info and never asked how long it would take.
    If it has all been sanctioned, why does it take so long to print the thing out (even on a 2 day week printer)?
    I appreciate this is the norm and that I'm nowhere near the amount of time some of you guys have had to wait, but it sucks!

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    I spoke to the 'Dept. today and they said that my FAC had been processed and was sent for posting on Friday, so I should have it by tomorrow.
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    Ah, that means it's made it to the franking room.... could be another week then.

    Apology accepted BTW
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    Has the postie been yet?

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    Sounds like you definately have the patience required of a stalker, (of deer etc), just hope it arrives having been signed by the chief officer & all wording is correct as you require............. BTW, welcome!
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