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Thread: Book Recommendation for a Novice

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    Book Recommendation for a Novice

    I am a complete deer stalking novice and want to get my general knowledge & terminology up to speed. Can anyone recommend a good book that will cover all the species of deer & give an introduction to the sport?

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    The Deer Stalking Handbook by Graham Downing
    Exellant read and covers all aspect of stalking
    A MUST imo

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    The DSC 1 training manual is worth a read as well.
    A J de.Nahlik,: Wild Deer. Culling, Conservation and Management.

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    Richard Priors Book is good if you are in to roe


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    A great question. Certainly I'd go along with the recommendation for the Graham Downing book, which has just gone to a new edition, as well as the Richard Prior book on roe. If you have muntjac where you stalk, you can't go far wrong with Charles Smith-Jones book:

    For an exhaustive look at the law relating to deer, get hold of "Deer: Law and Liabilities", by Charlie Parkes and John Thornley. I found this very useful for my DSC1 and after.

    For an insight on deer management, you should look out for "Deer Management: Quality in Southern England" by Dominic Griffith. I wouldn't agree necessarily with 100% of what he writes, but he's a hugely experienced deer manager and his book contains some very good insights into deer management practice.

    Finally, if you want to read stalking tales and experiences, then check out the books by Richard Prior (Humble Pie is good), Peter Carne, Ian Alcock, Leo McNally and - more recently - John Dryden. I thought the latters recent book "Talking Stalking" was very good and stands shoulder to shoulder with the others mentioned above.

    For rifle shooting, Robin Marshall-Ball's book is good, or anything by Jack O'Connor.

    The great thing about stalking is that there are loads of books out there on associated subjects - optics, reloading, butchery, snipers and sniping, dogs for deer tracking, animal tracks & signs, rifle accuracy. If you are ever looking for anything specific, let me know!


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    A book called "Field Guide to British Deer" (ISBN 0-632-00978-0) was recommended to me when I first started stalking, and excellent advise it was too. It's only a small inexpensive pocket sized book but provides a wealth of essential information. I believe it was obtainable from both "BASC" and "The British Deer Society" at one time. Other books that I have found very useful and enjoyable are "Woodland Stalking" by Peter Carne (ISBN 1-85310-856-1) and a no nonsense book by Kenneth Whitehead the title of which I have forgotten, but the book is aimed at the novice stalker. I think that most stalkers in the UK would also be advised to obtain a copy of "Deer: Law and Liabilities" (ISBN 1-84037-096-3). I know it doesn't give information on deer but it can keep you out of a lot of trouble!!

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    What part of the country are you? if it is anywhere near Salisbury in Wiltshire I have several books that you would be welcome to look at or anybody else in this area for that matter.

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    Well that's my Christmas wish list sorted out

    Thank you to all for the recommendations. Think I'll get a couple of books prior to Christmas as I can't wait to get reading & learning.

    EMcC - I'll send you a PM.



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    I would second the recommendations of "Muntjac - Managing an Alien Species"

    This book has pretty much scuppered anyone else planning the write a book on Muntjac as it is hard to see where any improvements might be made

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    Great suggestions by all, and if you want to save a few quid then have a look on ebay in the non fiction section, it often has all the books mentioned. I have found some good deals on there and have also found some hard to find titles.


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