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Thread: Recomend me a 100gr bullet for a 243

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    Recomend me a 100gr bullet for a 243

    Recomend me a 100gr bullet for a 243. Will be used for hunting

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    nosler 100 grain partition or 90 grain accubond my best bullet is the sierra gameking 85 grain ive found the 243 shines best with bullet weights from 75-95 grains with 1-10" twist barrels
    any bullet desinged for hunting will serve you well
    good luck


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    Sierra 100gr spitzer SPBT #1560 gameking
    Speer 100gr BTSP #1220

    Both do the job without excessive meet damage.

    Both reasonable cost, lot of load data available, especially for the Sierra.


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    Hornady 100gr BTSP with 36gr of VVN140 behind it. Gives about 2850fps and travels true in my tikka T3
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    It depends on your coal and your throat length. Hornady and berger with a secant ogive will allow you to seat further out than speer or sierra with a tangent ogive. On my long throated barrels I prefer tangent ogive

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    Cheers guys, will give the Sierrra ones a go

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    the best deer bullet on the market for the smaller calibres is without doubt the nosler partition, will exit all deer almost always.quick expansion and little meat damage. PERFECT. you just need a mortgauge to buy some.
    good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by limulus View Post
    Hornady 100gr BTSP with 36gr of VVN140 behind it. Gives about 2850fps and travels true in my tikka T3
    The 100gr mentioned is the one used by all/most of my pals, although I prefer the Hornady 87gnHptBt.

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    Usually use Hornady 100g BT but have been using Sierra Pro Hunter recently, well pleased

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    100gr sierra gameking or pro hunter both very good

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