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Thread: Tweed Valley

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    Tweed Valley

    Has anybody been stalking there, the contact name is Dougie, mainly Sika by the sounds of it.

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    Makes more sense to me?
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    Friends and i go fairly regularly, plenty of Sika,need to be fit as there is a lot of steep ground,also plenty of boxes if you are happy to sit and wait, which is often the most productive....

    Hope this helps

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    Yep Dougie has plenty of Sika there he's a good bloke and can sort accomadation too
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    Been up twice for the hinds. Plenty of deer. Can't be many places where you get to solo stalk sika over such a large average. Think he has about 16000 acres from memory, if not more. Always worth a look up on the heather tops for them, they seem to love it!


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    Been at the stags and hinds with Dougie for the last five years, as said he's a good guy and there are plenty of deer, mind they are challenging you feel that you've earned them.


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    Went up last year for the Sika and stalked on the first day with Dougie and on the second day with a lad called Tom. Both perfect and bob on blokes, but you need to be bloody fit to keep up with Dougie & Tom, there off like a bloody whippets!!! Top place, top men!! You will enjoy it, we stopped over at the Cross Keys in Peebles which was good, clean and cheap if not a bit roudy later on, but after Dougie had walked my legs of i didnt notice the noise!!!!

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