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Thread: red deer and there antlers

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    red deer and there antlers

    does anyone know the names of the differant stages of antler growth in red deer ,ive heard of royal and imperial but unsure at the number of points required etc , tried to find this out but no luck so far , maybe isnt a scale at all perhaps ???? anyone know ????

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    From a purist point of view Royal is the only widely defined term for Red deer antlers.

    A Royal is a twevle point head, 6 on each side, starting at the corenet there is the brow, bez, trez tines, then 3 points forming a crown, some believe that it is only a Royal if the crown points form a 'cup' that will hold a dram.

    I have heard of a 14 pointer being called an Imperial.

    Hope this helps.

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    Further to 300wsm's excellent reply, I was told that a point on an antler only counts if you can hang a wedding ring from it.

    In the West Country, a royal stag is known to have "all his rights and 3 on top", meaning he has brow, bez, trez and the three point cup on each antler.

    300wsm - I'd not heard before about the cup only counting if it can hold a dram.....I'll have to test some of the heads I've got in the garage


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    What time do you want me to come round to act as an indipendant witness

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    12 a Royal, 14 is Monarch (note Landseers famous Monarch of the Glen is a Royal) 16 is an Imperial.

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    From Whitehead's Encyclopedia of Deer ISBN 1 85310 362 4

    Royal - A 12 pointed stags head with all its RIGHTS (BROW, BAY and TRAY) and three points on top in the form of a cup or crown, which technically should be large enough to hold a glass of wine, is a true royal.
    Occasionally, in the past it would appear that a head of ten points (5+5) was also refered to as a royal, whilst a double royal denoted 20 points and a triple royal 30 points.
    The royal tine was also referred to as the fifth point of a deers horn.

    Imperial - A name sometimes given to a Red Deer head of 14 points - but there seem to be no justification for it. see also Monarch.

    Monarch - A term sometimes used - but without any justification - to describe a 14 pointer

    Brow - The lower or first tine above the coronet.

    Bay - The second tine of a deer's antler, used mainly for those of the genus Cervus. Also spelt BEAS, BEZ, BIZ-ANTLER.

    Tray - The third tine or point of an antler. Also spelt TREY or TREZ

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikamalc
    12 a Royal, 14 is Monarch (note Landseers famous Monarch of the Glen is a Royal) 16 is an Imperial.
    Taken from the Sikamalc book of 30 years of managing Red Deer in the Highlands of Scotland

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    Hi mate on the second page of this forum i asked a simular question WANTING TO NO MORE ABOUT ANTLERS . A brilliant chap put a excellent diagram on the page for me too look at i recommend for you to have a look let us no what you think.

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