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    I have a question as ive never witnessed it myself so ill ask for your knowledge, when the rutting chase is over and the doe allows the buck to do the right thing what happens then does the chase go on or do they relax have a fag and feed...
    I as as last night i went to a place i filmed some chasing last year and in the first feild as im still walking in they came through an open gate chasing hard and straight back out, i stalked nearer but they had dissapeared but about 100 yards away there was a fawn on its own that sloped off into a hedge, then a little further on i spotted a buck on its own nose down qyartering a field and i followed eventually stopping at the boundrey ditch.

    As i stalked into him he was looking past me so i turned to look and seen a buck and doe come through from where id seen the chase, so my question is was it a differant pair or had the deed been done and they were relaxing.

    And the other two that turned up

    Now i decided that the original buck was the smaller one and the other had a doe so i took the smaller one and the other two deer just ran and stopped she was definatly interested and stayed whilst i sorted the downed deer but he just seemed to be following what ever she wanted to do...

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