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Thread: On Redneck and Johners request, a short tail from Denmark.

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    On Redneck and Johners request, a short tail from Denmark.

    Hunting deer in Denmark, most hunters go by sitting in wait, using tree stands. Now this is in the roebuck season (16th of May to 15th of July), in the fall season roe deer is mainly hunted by shotgun, driven. Same goes for the few areas with red deer. (Not hunted by shotgun).
    I was, by coincident, introduced to stalking at the age of 6, and due to the fascination of getting close (that first morning 8 meters) I was hooked, and my father gave me permission to stalk rabbits with an old bend 22. I trained hard, so hard I also learned to cook rabbit in numerous ways. (My first lesson in hunting was; If you shoot it, you eat it!) Now, this is woodland, pine plantagens and farmland, so not at all the same sport as in the highlands. Stalking roe deer in these rather close quarters, I found early that I had no use for scope. Maximum distance needed has been 50 meters, with the majority shot at 28 meters. I use a Ruger M77 3006. Cheap light rifle and a bit of an over kill on the caliber side (was originally purchased in Colorado for whitetail, and it served me well shooting moose in Sweden and Estonia). Prior to the Ruger I used a wwII surplus M1 carrabin .30, no longer legal for roe deer in DK, but a functional rifle for me. Hunting in Denmark has become somewhat a sport for the rich, and my choice of low budget kit often results in some eye rolling and girlish giggling. The past years Red deer has been spreading to wider areas of Denmark, causing problems for the farmers. Still, red deer stalking is rare as is hunting hind and calf. I personally prefer stalking due to my initial childhood fascination, and because it allows me to conduct a more selective regulation of the deer population. If I had a saying in the matter, I would end my days stalking red, on the western isles or in the highland, poor and with nothing to my name but the wee dram of Laphroaig in my belly.

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    Thanks for the write-up starkad, pretty similar to how we operate in Norway, except we don't have a spring season for roe buck, so I'm counting down the days to 10th August when our buck season starts.

    Looking forward to see your contributions on the forum!

    Skitt jakt!

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