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Thread: Somerset outing sought after

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    Somerset outing sought after

    Looking for a stalking outing this coming weekend (30th July) either Sat. or Sun.
    Am staying in the Street area, so anything in that immediate neck of the woods ideally. I appreciate the rut may have clients booked well in advance, but I am not after any monster bucks, I just want to get away from the in-laws for a few hours with the rifle on my back!! You know the feeling....So any recommendations, or volunteers please step forward. Have my own gear , DSC1, own ground at home and all insurances etc etc etc. Thanks in anticipation guys.


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    you could contact BenC or Roedinator, both members of this site and local to Street.
    If neither of them can help then Patrick Croft, also of this site.
    Actually there are quite a few as you are in real Deer country there.

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    It would also be worth contacting Steve Beaty at Ivythorn Sporting, right on the doorstep - +44 1458 447120.

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    +1 for Patrick Croft.

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    Steve Beaty of Ivythorn will know the ones I've mentioned and maybe a few more if you get stuck.

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    Thanks EMcC, I was planning on calling in on Mr Beaty as well anyway

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    Try Ian Farrington. Plenty of ground, and quite a few deer about as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cooter View Post
    Try Ian Farrington. Plenty of ground, and quite a few deer about as well.
    Not exactly near Street in Somerset tho' is he.
    Street has Deer on it's doorstep.
    If the request was for stalking in Devon, then yes he'd be the man then.

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    Richard, I can offer you an outing late afternoon running Into sunday evening if thats any good to you...Give me a ring I will PM my details...Mark

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    Hah - I know it's hiding my light under a bushel Ed, but I actually have 700 acres of Roe stalking five minutes from Street!
    I take clients on grounds across the entire south of England with all the species of UK deer.

    All of the suggestions made here are good ones - Sparko stalks right on the doorstep & can show him a great time. Plenty of deer around & the rut is running hard down here - will make the bucks even more visible.


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