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Thread: Should have used the Roe sack......

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    Should have used the Roe sack......

    Well, I had an 'interesting' morning.

    This morning after trying the Buttolo in various places with zero response I thought, before I called it a day, that I would have a look in a little wooded hanging valley that drops down at right angles across the bankside I was stalking. I was pleased to see that they had already topped the vegatation in the ride along the valley bottom so I had a lovely open area to stalk down. A third of the way down I stopped and tried a different approach to the call, giving just a single peep then I waited. Within 20 seconds a doe jumped out onto the ride 120 yards away, she was alert but looking away from me, and before I could squeeze the buttolo again she was off up through the trees on the opposite bank. As she disappeared a buck followed her trail out onto the ride and stood halfway across nicely broadside. I knew he would soon be off after her so as soon as the cross hairs were on the chest I fired, he jumped up then ran off uphill in the direction the doe had taken.

    After five minutes I went for a look and the dog had him found straight away, only twenty yards into the trees, a beautiful red six pointer. With the gralloch completed I decided that as it would mean hiking uphill with the buck in my roe sack it would be easier to walk back the kilometre to my car and drive back to collect the carcasse.
    (yes, lazy I know).

    The ground was dry so the Forrester handled the rutted tracks easily and I made a mental note of the tree trunk lying along the middle of the ride halfway down the hanging valley, which had been left behind for some reason after the last thinning operations. With the buck in the boot I set off back trundling uphill. Then the Bleeping bleeper thing that tells you your seltbelt is not fastened started bleeping bleeping in that really annoying bleeping way. I fumbled with the seatbelt mechanism a bit whilst trying to keep the wheels between the ruts, a seconds distraction then 'Crruuuunch!', YEP I'd only bleeping well driven straight into the bleeping tree trunk I had made a bleeping 'mental' note of earlier !!!

    I thought that the bumper had taken the hit but no, that was unmarked, instead the offside front wheel was just about ripped off ! Dare'nt think how much this is going to cost, it was 160 just to get towed to the garage. So yes, as the title says, I should have used my Roesack !

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    Don't you just them bleepers, mine drives me mad while driving round my shoot.
    Hope your repair is not too expensive, good luck.


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    There was a suggestion from Mark-Joppa that you could buy a scrap seat buckle to use when you are out and about on farmland. Nifty suggestion i thought.
    By three methods we may learn wisdom:
    First, by reflection, which is noblest;
    Second, by imitation, which is easiest;
    and third by experience, which is the bitterest

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    holy cow Rich
    that is one expensive outing, would be cheaper in future to cut the fastener of a rear belt to use to shut the bleeping up
    So I take it you still had a good carry out anyway
    but well done on the buck anyway

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    Bad luck Rich.

    Hope it 'aint to expensive to fix mate.
    I think as you said the roe sack would be a good idea next time

    ATB mate


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    Nightmare that's turned out to be an expensive trip, hope you get it sorted

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