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Thread: Wildlife Patrol on ITV1 West

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    Wildlife Patrol on ITV1 West

    Has anyone else just watched this programme? Is anyone else's blood boiling?? I feel like killing these deer coursing b*****ds !
    It always seems to be the same, never enough evidence to get them to court. "Now off you go - and don't do it again"
    Winds me right up.

    Rant over


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    Got to agree with Paul.
    Having worked in law enforcement for almost 30 years, it still rankles me when the obviously guilty as sin perpetrator is not convicted or even arrested due to lack of evidence.
    Maybe should contract the Dog Whisperer to interview the dogs. Maybe they will tell the truth!

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    I missed it Was it bad

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    BIG RED.
    It was bad. Police are on a job to catch gang using dogs to course deer. Respond to sighting of car which intelligence is held suggesting that it is involved in deer coursing. Stop the car which is full of dogs and rascals and the car is covered in mud with tyre tracks from the field to the rear of the car!
    "Not us officer".......

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    My blood also boils because they never get charged with criminal damage, even though the mud from the car tracks lead straight of the field to the car! You do not have to be sherlock Holmes to work that out!!!

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    Might try it myself

    The next time im out hunting i might just try it myself by telling them i was looking for rabbits


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    It must be so frustrating for the Police, I mean, they know damn well that the car has been in the field (tracks are obvious) and they know in their hearts that they have been chasing Deer, even the dogs were a crazy Lurcher/Greyhound/American Pitbull cross (hardly your run of the mill Rabbiting Dog), but because these losers claim they have been lamping for Rabbits it is almost impossible for the Police to get the result they need. The programme just highlighted that, unless these Weasels are caught red-handed, so much Police effort is wasted.


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    It must be sickening for the officers when they know everyone knows but as a solicitor used to say the law is an ass at times.
    to make matters worse for me anyway on the way home tonight i stopped to speak to an old guy who cycles round the lanes on our shoot and he told me a week or two ago he saw 2 guys mid 20's in red ford van throwing a deer into it,they were down a lane half a mile from the road so they were obviously poaching.He did not take a reg no.

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    Roedeered the vehicle would most probably been on false plates! Or maybe they would have told the police they were having a BBQ! It is not only the act of poaching but all the other illegal activity that goes with it. Thefts whilst these poachers are out and about and vehicle taking etc.
    Rant over let us try and not let this spoil our sport and try and educate the people that see these programmes that not all lampers are poachers. I like my lamping and a lot of lay people think it is illegal.

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    Just to touch on what Roedeerred has mentioned.
    I have had some experience of dealing with rural crime and at the best of times it is extremely difficult to have someone give a statement and be prepared to go to court and speak out.
    Throw in the possibility that the witness more than likely lives in a remote or rural location, there is little or no local police patrols and the accused are not nice people, the reluctance to become involved is understandable.
    There is a fear, either real or imagined, of intimidation, and as such results can usually only be obtained when police officers themselves provide the necessary evidence and that requires them to be caught red handed.
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