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Thread: Legal Question re reloading

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    Legal Question re reloading

    If I wanted someone to load me some rounds as a favour(and I pay for the materials) is this legal? Would the reloader need to be an RFD?

    I haven't done this, it is hypothetical.

    Many thanks!

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    I have had similar concerns when reloading for a friend, I get round this by doing the case prep work prior to him bringing the heads, whereupon we assemble the rounds and he takes them away again.
    If you were to leave the heads with him, for him to reload the rounds, you would have to transfer the heads onto his cert and then back onto yours when you re-took possession of the completed rounds.
    At least thats the way I see it

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    Interesting! Perhaps I will stick to factory ammo....

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevefranks View Post
    Interesting! Perhaps I will stick to factory ammo....
    As long as you have the same calibre rifle and the loader doesnt have his quota of ammunition i dont think there would be a problem


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    Haven't seen any mention of "Heads" on my ticket.
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    I think the OP's question only needs him and his friend to mindful of "possession", deal with that correctly and why would there be any problem?

    BTW~I think "head" is a four letter word.

    Even the NAHT refuse to use it on their website these days...

    Of course maybe with all the current "cutbacks" they don't want any of their members getting the bullet... Who can say?

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    I think its a very tricky subject. Obviously unkless the person is an RFD you cannot sell home loaded ammo(legally). From a liability perspective whether you have completed the final insertion of the bullet or not if something went wrong and the person was injured in someway by the said completed round I wouldnt fancy being on the otherside of the dock...I have shown people how to load on their own new kit adn ensured that they have completed the whole round following manufacturer instructions. personally I wouldnt load for soemone else even though ive never had an issue. What if there was a misfire due to a slow primer (unlikely and few and far between but what if!!)and the person didnt follow the correct procedure/waiting time, opened the bolt immediately and got a blast.

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    I am not familiar with your laws, but you might try this. Find someone who reloads and you get along with. Buy, or give him the money to buy, what you need for your loads. Then get together with him and have him teach you how to reload. You will have a new friend, an enjoyable time together and learn something. After you'er through take him out for a beer. capt david

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    Hi everyone

    Its a bit as I thought grey area. I think I may avoid as my FAC is new and not looking to cause any problems!

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    From a legal point of view I think its quite simple really............As mentioned above if your mate has authority to be in possession of the same calibre of ammo as you and dosn't exceed his limit all is well with the world. If he does not have the authority to possess that calibre of ammo then legally he should not have it.

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