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Thread: High seat query

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    High seat query

    Hi all

    Im in the process of designing a high seat which will be free standing and made from 4x2. is there any hard and fast rule as to how high to place the rail to support the rifle ?? Obviously all seats differ and people are different heights, so im guessing if sitting in the seat the rail should be just below shoulder height !? any ideas or dimensions would be much appreciated. i will be putting this together next couple of wk ends.

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    hi the shooting rail should be about 21inches also be carefull you dodnt put the rail to close to the seat as it makes it very uncomfortable
    cheers tom

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    If you look in photo gallery I made some a month or so ago they have turned out better than I expected and proved to be very stable.good luck with yours

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    From footrest seat should be 500mm the shooting rail 1050-1100mm. Obviously a lot depends on the shooting angle. but generally those measurements are comfortable to most. the rail a metre forward of the backrest. Jim

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    Cheers for all the input guys, should have enough to go on now. See how it goes if all works out ill put the plans up for others to use.

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    try sitting at the dinner table and using a tape measure

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