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    How effective.

    How many of you attempt to call roe of an evening. Just wondering as to the effectivness of it as Richard Prior recomends calling in the mornings and as I may be going out tonight am I going to ruin any chances by doing it.


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    Hi Visla, I have called roe in the evening and feel that it depends on the stage of the doe, regarding her receptiveness. One time, I attempted to call a doe and accompannying buck, in a wheat field and the doe took no notice. After an hour of calling and the light too low to shoot, the buck eventually came to within about fifty yards of me. I could not get out again for another week, but when getting into the same position, I called once and the doe came from 200 yards away at high speed closely followed by the buck and they stopped around fifty yards away, looking around. I stayed still and waited for the doe to walk away and took the buck once the presented a shot.

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    This time last year I was trying to squeak a fox into the lamp and got charged at by a doe and rampant buck, about 10.30 pm. They came within 30' of me and statrted to circle. Scared the bejesus out of me.

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    I had a young buck last night that appeared as soon as I started calling with a fawn bleat. He stood looking around for a while, presumably looking for the doe, then another bleat and he came closer into a patch of laid wheat and turned broadside.
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    Was out yesterday evening and managed to get a buck to appear.
    However he was on my left and being left handed couldn't get the rifle round to bear on the bugger.
    Also had two does so an interest.



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    I had a wonderful experiance one night last week. I called a doe across a field from over 2 hundred yards and she had twin fawns with her. I got them to 6 feet of me, when the two kid's started to drink from her. This went on for about 5 mins until she decided to walk on. then i called her back in to about 10 yards this time. what a wonderful experiance

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    As Techman says depending how well they are rutting in the area you are calling, i have had them come to the call at all times in the day and probably had more success in the evening.

    I have called two bucks this week in the evening, one for a mate, who couldn't get a shot as he only came to about 130m in thick cover- rosebay willowherb and meadowsweet-only showing his head and neck then spooked, he wasn't with a doe and think he was more just coming for a look.
    The second was last night and fantastic, had saw the buck chasing the doe in rushes and long grass, every now and then you would see them popping up and down, so got into position by a fence and started to call, the doe started coming straight away from about 250m and came to about 60m, then tailed off to the right, but no sign of the buck which i had expected to follow her, i gave another couple of calls which started the buck coming, when i think of it he may have been coming as the grass was shoulder height as when he did come i only got occasional glimpses of him and saw the grass moving to tell me where he was.
    He came right to about 3-5m away and at this point i still couldn't see him, but could see the grass moving, i was holding the rifle free hand at this point with my scope wound right down to three( good case for variable scope for all these fixed scope aficionados ), but had let the call drop from my mouth, so was trying to get the call back in my mouth with the lest movement, managed this and gave a light call and the buck took about three steps closer and was side on could see his head so came down a bit and shot him through the atlas joint- exciting stuff!!!!
    Quite a good buck (only got pictures on my phone and don't know how to get them on, will try later), hopefully will make bronze.

    So John, get out and call.

    The call was the Nordic Roe Call which i have had better success with than the buttolo.


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