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Thread: mod for a sako 30.06

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    mod for a sako 30.06

    having now purchased a sako in 30 .06 ,i am looking at putting a mod on it . have had a dm80 on my last 2 rifles , .17hmr and a .243 and was very happy with both of them .i favour the over barrel type to keep overall size down .what do you use or reccomend.derek

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    Why not ream out your .243 to accomodate the 30.06 and use the same mod for the two rifles ??

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    would prefer a dedicated mod .

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    I've been hearing good things about the new A-Tec Maxim, which is an over barrel design but also with removable modules.

    There some pics and info. on this thread:

    My Hunting Blog: click here

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    Stick with the DM80's, they take some beating, one for a 30-06 would weigh the same as a 243 I would think.

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    Plus the fact that I have already ordered it in for you soft lad....

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    ASE UTRA Northstar, perfect for 30-06, not too long, not too thick like the S5, and it tames the blast on my 30-06 AI very well indeed. Also its very favorably priced.

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    i must say i have to agree with above on the ace ultra ,i too have one on my 30 06 and am more than happy with it ,

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    Yep I agree with the above also, I have the ace ultra northstar on a sako .30-06 over barrel type. Its much shorter than most and does a better job.

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