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Thread: Small vixens this year?

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    Small vixens this year?

    Hi guys,Is it just me,But there seems to be a lot of small vixens about this year.Ive shot 3 lately that in some cases are no bigger than the cubs.For instance i shot a vixen early Monday that was struggling to carry a duck across a field,When i picked her up she wasnt much bigger than the duck itself.Atb John.

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    I have noticed all the vixens since the cold spell in february are small but the dogs are also small but much heavier... i think animals do recede when nutrition is scarce... just look at the mink, they are now the size of small ferrets and once were the size of small otters?

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    Shot a dog last night John and there was nothing small about him, he had certainly had an easy summer...

    Had a cracking buck come past in hot persuit of a doe, but no soooner had i put my bins down she had led him over the fence, stopped and grazed for a moment then off they went...

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