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Thread: savage's cheap rifles

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    savage's cheap rifles

    savage has launched a very cheap line of rifles. I wonder if somebody has tried these guns and can tell us about their accuracy and function.
    all the best

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    Cant help you much other than they shoot as good as the best made apparently..if you can do your bit.

    Savage have always had a top name for accuracy,no I dont own one but would.

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    I think that they are ugly as ***. That said, they have an excellent reputation for accuracy. Even the cheapest ones are accurate, although the trigger (cheapest ones) is not the best. capt david

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    I won a stevens 200 in 308 at a raffel last year.
    I completely free floated the forend of the stock, did a bedding job and carbon fibre reinforcement of
    the forend in one go. Good thing about the stevens is they have little steel pillars integrated in the plastic
    stock. We fitted an ultra light Roedale moderator and the rifle shot really sweet. 1" groups with cheap UMC ammo.

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