Has anyone observed that deer are attracted by other deer's urine? As an experiment, I put deer urine from a shot buck in my garden as deer often come through it. Within half an hour of putting the urine down, a buck appeared and stayed barking loudly and continuously for 2+ hours. I was amazed.

Last night a friend did the same in his garden to replicate the success, though he only rarely sees them in his garden. A buck quickly appeared, nosing around the garden nervously, stamping it's foot nervously and staying for a long time, then this morning there were two hanging around (not sure what sex, but I will ask).

All the above were roe.

I know some synthetic scents replicate urine scent though I assumed it was fertile doe scent to bring in bucks. I think the bucks that appeared were alarmed at the prospect of a new buck on their territory, hence the barking and foot-stamping behaviour.

Has anyone seen this or used buck urine to draw deer in? Could be coincident with the rut - we're in one of the southern counties.