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    Nikon Pro-Staff

    Does any one know if these are any good?
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Sorry harry nope... I have an old Nikon 3-9x40 and the optics are quite good, the reticle like most Japanese scopes is a bit light AKA Leupold normal duplex type, if you want to try it out just give me a shout as it's not fitted to anything.


    See what I mean?
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    hi mate, had a look through one recently and was impressed with the clarity,have not used one in the field so obviously cant give you an in depth report,the reticule on the pro staff is totally different to the one pictured it has a kind of mill dot reticule with circles as aiming points which I quite liked,ok its not a ZEISS but for the money??? and lets not forget nikon do make some superb cameras and lenses:

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    i have a monarch 6 x 42. its great very clear sight picture and very well made. i struggle to see why you would pay two or three times as much when this one is so good

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    I use a monarch on my finnfire and its a very good scope with side focus parralax too.
    Used to have a 3-9x40 prostaff with the circle bdc ret and that was a very good scope too - only used it on my .22lr though


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    I have several of these, 4x32, 2-7x32 and used to have the 3-9x40.
    The first 2 are great and have been on several different rifle now, the 3-9x40 was not as clear, and I no longer have it.
    I do still have a 2.5-10x42 Monarch with the BDC reticle though and would not part with it.


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    I picked up a new Nikon Buckmaster in the US 3-9X40, for under 200USD - I'm not sure if these are the same as ProStaff, but I'm very pleased with it, has worked well into the evening for rabbiting; great value and lifetime guarantee.

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    Have a 3x9 on a rim fire, very pleased with it.

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    if you like nikon stuff try their binoculars they are great. when the light fades you look through them and its like someone turns the lights on

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