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    I am after a few ferrets in the next couple of weeks, anyone make any suggestions. I'm on the Somerset/Devon boder but happy to travel around 50 mile to pick some up (due to work I could pick up anywhere along the length of A303 as well).

    Two jills and a hob would be good - just don't want to pay silly money for them.


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    ahhh mel I have 11 to FREE to give away but I am located near chester,these are from working stock and are 12 weeks old so If anybody else requires any let me know
    they are the polecat type not white albino ferret.

    hope you get some try some of the other forums like pigeonwatch or hunting life

    best wishes

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    Thanks for the very kind offer jonevo, pity I am no longer working in Brum otherwise I could have nipped over.

    I have had the offer of a hob from someone already so that is good (thanks John), all I need now is the jills.

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