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Thread: Roe Rut.

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    Roe Rut.

    I'm thinking of changing tatics over this rut.
    Instead of 2 outing at each end of the day, when it gets into full swing, i might go out at 08.30-12 then 3-6.30.
    I am interested what time you are out and what time you grassed your buck and if it responded to the call.
    I have had 3 in 2 days.
    Yesterday morning 0930 no interest.
    Last night 20.35 not called
    This morning(misty 50m's of and on) 0800 stalked and shot.
    Thanks for your input.

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    Managed to only call a Doe last evening at 8.30 no buck showed.

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    Normally John during the rut i will go out early and then change sides after about three hours so at this moment its 730 ish and i have shot more in the second session.

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    Im going to try a couple of mid-morning and afternoon sessions calling this weekend so I will let you know the outcome.

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    Called a buck in about a week ago now but have had another three evenings from about 7.30 calling to no avail so last night went for drive round the stubbles and came across a buck chasing a doe and mounting her so drove away and stalked in on them,haven't had the chance to get out any other time of day at the mo but might have the morning off tomorrow and give it a try.

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    john been meaning to ask do you think this cold north east wind is steading things I have seen little activity down here mind you most of the bucks I left in april seem to have been poached.

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    Have called bucks in both early morning and just before dusk this week
    the client got his this morning ,(and another ) but the guy i had out at night
    couldnt see the buck that ran in from the hill from 700m to 120m
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    Only saw 1 big buck walking about and feeding in some tall linseed.
    We had a great belly stalk to within 130m's but everytime we closed in another 10's he did 12 the oppersite way and ended up at last light 150m's offering 4 inch of neck and his head.
    No shot was taken may look at him tomorrow night again.

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    Called two bucks on Saturday the 16th, shot one at 1635 and the other at 1750 in the evening. Both mature 4 pointers. Had a yearling at 0700 in the morning on the 23rd. Been out this evening and seen a mature buck chasing a doe at about 1950. Nothing shootable though.

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    Went out yesterday morning at 4-30am, called for long enough and had does with young going crackers but not a buck in sight! At nearly 8am I bumped one that was lying up in the sun under a hedge only 100yds from where I was laid up calling. I reckon he was there a good while but showed no interest in the does nor my call - I'll be back on the ground on sunday for round 2!

    Incidently, on that particular bit of ground I've never shot a deer at dawn or dusk, they've all been lunchtime ish!


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