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Thread: Vicars Game?

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    Vicars Game?

    I hear Bestwicks premises in Perth have come back to life as Vicars Game. Anyone had any dealing with George recently?

    Regards JCS

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    Been in a couple of times in the last couple of weeks seems to be business as usual

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    I do know of Vickers - in fact anyone around Henley should know them! I know a lot if people speak very highly of them -


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    My local here in West Berks. And yet another game dealer offering more per Kg for head/neck shot animals.

    I am agnostic on the matter, but it seems to wind some SD members up well and truly.
    KevinF -

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    We just take the rough with the smooth down here in the New Forest buddy, due to the fact that half of my life is spent in the field & the remainder in the Game Plant I know all too whell that much as form the precessing point of view we would love just head & neck shot animals-but lets face it in the real world it happens prehaps as little as 30% of the time.

    So we jsut pay a level amount based on the seasonal variation per KG & if we het some head & neck shots through the plant then great!

    However even I managed to call 2 seperate Roe Bucks in on on mature wheat this week & managed 2 very clean neck shots both at about 90m off a very steady support.

    Anyway the close season has been very lean this year for the game dealers-so bloody roll on monday!!!!

    Regs Lee

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    I know that Vicars had so much demand for venison from restaurant and butcher customers that earlier this year they were bringing carcasses in from Ireland.

    Does the fact that some dealers pay more for head and neck shot animals lead some stalkers to take shots they would otherwise not attempt? I don't know. I can say it makes not a jot of difference to me - I take whatever shot is safe, practical and within my personal comfort zone accuracy-wise. On roe the difference is not huge in monetary terms but on the red prickets we shall remove from a park in a few weeks time it does mount up.
    KevinF -

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    Marginal Shots


    I hear that Vicars Game are very busy & fair play to Alan for building the business up to what it has become.

    We are just mear "small fry" in comparison I guess with our small plant & 5 staff!

    But hey it allows me to carve out a living (just about), form what I enjoy doing.

    With respect to marginal shots I guess it all comes down to knowing the rifle & ammo inside out & just shooting within your own ability.

    Best Wishes Lee

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    Yes its true Vicers have taken the Perth plant on. Yes they do pay a bit more for head shot but no pressure on people to do it. Still up to you pulling the trigger.

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