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Thread: Qualifying for seasonal gillie/keeper work?

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    Qualifying for seasonal gillie/keeper work?

    So, in planning the evening of my life, I got this crazy idea that I want to become a seasonal stalker gillie/pheasant keeper somewhere in the north.
    How do I proceed? What sort of courses or training would you recommend? Does anyone still use seasonal hands?
    In my youth it was simple; at 16, I just turned up at the local head keepers house with nothing but my hunters certificate, crummy 16 gage and a lot of will to work and learn for nothing but the experience. Did it for years, until the draft came, from then on it was all reduced to hobby. Spend 22 years in the service, stalking whenever the chance came along. Different times now, lot more theoretical stuff needed to do/get the job. Guess no youngster (at heart I am!) would get on the estate, learning the trade just by working long hard hours at crummy pay.
    What would it take for me to get hired by you?
    If it all never pans out so be it, IŽll still be richer by the experience of your advice/courses/training etc.
    Oh, forgot; I am a Dane but will be a permanent resident at the time. (Know all the weapons, other police matters applying)
    Thank you.

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    Ghillie and stalking work, certainly in Scotland, is very hard work indeed and requires a high level of fitness and strength. Now, I know nothing about you and you may well be more than able to do the job but I would suggest that it is not work for someone who is older. By and large the ghillie is a young chap who is along to drag the stag for the middle aged stalker/rifle who are not up to it!

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    Right, sorry to waste your time Caorach. Should have mentioned that I have tried the work, and found it fully within my physical capacities’. So the shape part is sorted. I just want advice on how to optimize my more theoretical abilities. Also forgot to mention that I am an experienced pony handler, partly by years of breeding different British breeds.

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