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Thread: montaria in portugal

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    montaria in portugal

    opportuntity to shoot driven boar in portugal in dec.
    5-6 guns reqd to complete team of 8
    2 days driven
    all accomodation
    all meals
    beaters and dogs
    no trophy fees
    price about 350
    flights extra , about 60 each way with easy jet(luton) or about 100 each way with T.A.P(manchester)
    I am not an agent and have shot on this ground before (10.000 + acres) there is a lot of boar
    the price you pay is the price that goes to the operator/gamekeeper and can pay him once out there, only a 100 deposit secures a place
    anyone who goes boar shooting will know this is cheap, similar weekends go for 1700 +
    want more info then just ask

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    Can only go after 9 dec what day is it ?

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    i wouldn't mind some of that let me know when please

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    Will send a PM for dates.

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    PM me with dates and more details please sounds good to me

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    Can you pm me some details as well please

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    I would be interested as well. Could you PM the details please?

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    Can you pm me the date to please

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    Hi happy hunt did we write something to upset you because it seems none of us received any dates from you
    If there is a problem why post the thread in the first place I don't understand ??.?

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    it looks like the lad may be away or something he as had no activity on this site since post patience is a hunters strength

    slowly slowly catchy monkey

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