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Thread: Who lives in a house like this

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    Who lives in a house like this

    A quote from a property advert - "Holy Trinity Church dates back to 1880 and in 2004 was sympathetically converted into 11 apartments whilst retaining many of its historic features."

    They must have a different idea of what the word 'sympathetically' means than most other people. Check out Picture 5.

    Someone will burn in hell for sure.

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    checked out picture 5, I'm not sure I could settle in a room with a window shaped like a "meat and two veg"
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    I'm sure this featured on one of those property programmes on the TV. If you look at the windows, they are actually bisected by a floor!!!

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    Quite common on church conversions....

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    Looks good i would live there if it were near to god stalking grounds.

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    The phrase " the coming of the Lord" now has an entirely new meaning!

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    Your right with the window, I almost fell out of my seat laughing.

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    Ive just showed the" other half " the advertisement and she didnt get it.Women eh!.
    Nice one mel.
    Atb John.

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