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Thread: hi im after a rifle for manily foxin and for deer shooting any idea please

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    hi im after a rifle for manily foxin and for deer shooting any idea please

    hi im after a rifle for manily foxin and for deer shooting any idea please

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    .243 would cover fox and deer, you can reload with lighter bullets for foxes and heavier ones for deer.
    1 rifle for both jobs! I use a .223 for vermin & foxes and a .308 for all deer


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    .243 would be ideal.
    You could always go down the Blaser route and have 1 rifle with 2 barrels say 22.250 or 223 for foxes
    And .308 or 6.5 for deer.

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    I use the 243 extensively, but am glad I didn't use one early in my stalking days. I feel that a larger calibre gives the novice that little 'margin of error' which may, on occasion, be needed.
    If you must have just one rifle, how about a .257 Roberts, .260 Rem or similar?

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    just got a cheap 270 for some deer. got my 22/250 for fox small deer and vermin, and a 17 fireball for vermin and fox.

    a 25/06 would be worth a look. up to 120 grain bullets for deer and a i think they have just come out with a 70 grain blizking. so great for foxing.

    some forces you see wont let you have the bigger calibres for fox and deer. its deer and fox well out stalking yet some do. all depends on what force you fall under

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    .243 everytime, does everything you need I have a .223 that I thought I'd use for foxing but it doesn't get a look in.... save your money and just buy one good all rounder a tikka .243

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    If you shoot 100 Foxes to 1 Deer then .243 all the way. It's a great Fox gun. Having said that I really don't rate it for Deer so if you'll be shooting a few I'd step up to 6.5, either in x55 or .260 form.

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    I have just introduced a Sako 270 finbear with a 24'' barrel to my shooting buddy,as you know this is one of Sako's early rifles,he pillar bedded the stock, had the action checked over by our gunsmith and assembled the rifle,it shoots great he uses it on deer, knocks them down,red,roe,and if foxy happens to walk by he will take him to.When we go lamping he uses his 22/250 awesome.Myself I have 270 for deer and 223 for foxes and Roe 22rimfire for anything else.I suggest that the 243 is a tad light for reds tho I know some guys who do very well with them but my preference is the 270 next to the 30/06

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