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Thread: ducks

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    ive started to feed a duck pond,and been told that its possible to use diced apples and veg peelings,ive heard about using potatoes but apples,any one any thoughts on this please

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    My father used to have a wild duck pond that he fed with a lorry load of tatties tipped at the side once a year.

    It was the best pond around.
    There is a place on this planet for all of God's creatures, right next to my tatties and gravy!!!

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    Try it and see. Barley is generally reconed to be best but wheat works ok. Spead it in the shallows. To much on the bank will attract rats.


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    a keeper i know used to feed a pond with old bananas from a local warehouse all he did was cut them open and he reckons that the ducks loved them so i cant see why apples wouldnt work as long as you cut them or even just crushed them so as they can break down a bit easier

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    i have also used bananas on one of my flightponds, the mallards loved them. great if you have a friendly greengrocer.

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    IF you live near a corn drying company of large farmer try and get some tailings (waste chaff /broken grains/weed seeds) from corn after its been cleaned used to get it by the trailor load for price of a pint great stuff.

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    I've fed apple "mop" to ducks, thats the pulp left over after pressing for cider. Pheasant quite like it too.
    I found duck will eat pretty well anything vegetable or cereal based. If feeding apples I would smash them up as unless rotten they won't be able to deal with it.

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    From my experience Ducks will eat prity much anything. Just be careful how much you feed in one go if you have fish in there, have seen more than one pool buggered up from having 10 ton of stock feed spuds tipped up in there.

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    Well my flight pond is all but dry at present.

    We feed wheat but barley is best, feed small amounts at regular intervals. When I was in Shropshire I used to feed and flight wild mallard on the river Vvrnwy. We used tailings from a grain dryer and feed the shallows behind a large island. Would be nothing to have several hundreds of duck in on the first week. Was v dependent on the weather as a flood ruined things. Best time was when the adjacent field was barley which had gone flat. We had so many duck we didn't know where to look.


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    Apples are great for geese, bananas ducks go mad for them.

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