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Thread: hallo greig burns here,from lanarshire,scotland

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    hallo greig burns here,from lanarshire,scotland

    i have .22 a .222 i use for foxs and roe,and a.308
    don,t do as much shooting as i would like due to working most of the time.
    hope to do my level1 shortly,so i can use the .308 more,just had the barrel chopped to 20inch,screw cut,and trigger set,and had a atek mod fitted.look forward to gettiing it back.
    working with wind turbines for 5 years now,transporting them all over the uk.
    there,s nothing more rewarding than getting up 3.30am and going hunting on my days take my mind of work,even if it means not shooting anything,seeing something or sitting with the bios watching a doe feed with a good friend is good enough for me.or just the walk out if am not to

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    Quote Originally Posted by myerin View Post
    working with wind turbines for 5 years now,transporting them all over the uk.

    Please, please, please tell me when you intend driving down the A68 with them...

    Other than that, welcome to the site.

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    Hello Greig and welcome from the North.


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    Welcome to the site, just don't bring anymore of those bloody things up here

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome Greig, unusual to get someone so open on here - real names are closely guarder secrets as are the locations!

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    Hi welcome to the site, I stay in Overtown.

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    hi jamross65, it could be another transport company that is doing the transport down that way.
    do you no the name of the company that did them the last time.i have been on that much wind mill farm's i have lost count

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    hi davieh,its true what they say,it's a small world,
    i stay in law.thanks greig

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    lol,hi john
    how do u think i feel working with them every day.
    i go home and look out my window and there they are,bring tears to a glass eye.

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